Need to uphold, redevelop human values in society:Former Lokayukta Santosh Hegde

Justice Santosh Hegde Addresses ‘VIKASA-22’ Programme of Bearys Group of Institutions, Kodi, Kundapur.

Kodi: Former Lokayukta and Supreme Court Judge Justice N Santosh Hegde has said that the onus of establishing human values is on the individuals of the society. He added that our ancestors had left behind values that we were supposed to uphold but lost due to our own ignorance.

“Society itself is responsible for the social injustice we see around us in current times. There is a thirst for wealth and power to the extent of side-lining people of noble character. As a result, the humanitarian values built by our predecessors have eroded. It is now our responsibility to redevelop these values,” he said.

Justice Hegde was addressing the gathering as chief guest of the ‘Vikasa-22’, the 116th Foundation Day and Annual Day programme of the Bearys Group of Institutions held at Bearys Knowledge Campus, Beach Road, Kodi-Kundapur on Saturday.

“Society refuses to acknowledge evil as evil, because of which, there is no peace and harmony in society. Success in life can be gained through a sense of contentment as well as humanity. Developing such a quality and living like a human being makes our life worthwhile,” he said.

The former Lokayukta said that competing for a government post is never healthy. “The difference between the haves and have-nots has only increased with time. This has also made way for greater clashes. Since greed has increased of late, developing a sense of contentment is the only cure for this. Man should have an ambition, but not greed, which makes us harm others to reach a goal,” he stressed.

“Parents should develop the habit of teaching moral lessons to children. The present-day education system should give priority to values,” he added.

Abdul Ahad, Superintendent of the Indian Coast Guard, stressed on physical fitness and the role of sports in the maintenance of health.

“The values imbibed by parents will be passed on to children. Focus enables us to learn any subject. There should also be a mind to learn the various aspects of the different religions and communities in India,” he added.

“Indians have an ideology to see God in everything. Expressing concern for the environment and developing sympathy and care for everyone helps us rise to great heights as individuals,” he said and added, “The leaders of the Bearys Group of Institutions have been living a model lifestyle and setting an example for others in society.”

Retired professor and Scientist Nadoja K.P. Rao, who developed software for Indian languages in computers; and international-level cricketer Prithviraj Shetty were felicitated on the occasion. Other students who had made achievements in sports and education were also honoured.

Haji K M Abdul Rehman, President of the Group, chaired the event. Udupi District Deputy Director of Pre-university Education Maruthi, Chairman & Managing Trustee of Haji K Moideen Education Trust Syed Mohammed Beary, B.Ed Principal Siddappa K S, Group advisor Abbu Sheikh Sahib, Principal of Haji K Moideen Beary Memorial Government Urdu Higher Primary School Jattappa, and Sumithra of Bibi Fatima Memorial Anganwadi, were among those present. Officers of the Coast Guard also attended the event on Saturday.

Ashwini Shetty, Principal of the Bearys Seaside Public School, welcomed the gathering. English lecturer Hayavadana Upadhya and Kannada lecturer Sandeep Shetty were the masters of ceremony. The annual report was presented by principal of the D.Ed College Dr. Firdaus and head teacher of the Haji K Moideen Beary Memorial Kannada High School head teacher Jayasheela Shetty. The list of awardees was read out by Commerce lecturer Vinutha, while Bearys First Grade College principal.

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