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Being Green, Building Green

We are one of the founding members of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Since inception, all our projects have been synonymous with Sustainable Green Architecture. As flag bearers of sustainable development in India, we strive to raise the bar on green building and sustainable development in all our endeavors. Mr. Syed Mohamed Beary is the Chairman IGBC – Bangalore Chapter. He is also a Senior Fellow of CII-IGBC since 2015.

Net-Zero Buildings

CO2 emissions have assumed alarming proportions and have adversely affected habitat, climate, rainfall, and agricultural output. This was a major concern at the Paris summit and the recently concluded COP26 at Glasgow which cried for an imminent need for substantial reduction in usage of fossil fuels for energy generation and increased generation & usage of renewable energy. India has agreed to generate 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030 and become a Net Zero Carbon Emission economy by 2070. Around 40% of GHG emissions are contributed by buildings and with rapid urbanization driven by search for employment/livelihood, this aspect is only going to increase. 

Bearys have joined the crusade and are leading by example with Net Zero buildings. Bearys Global Research Triangle, the iconic landmark project of Bearys Group; Bangalore, is already meeting its 90% energy needs from Green Energy.  We have two other developments for certification under ‘IGBC Net Zero Energy rating system’ with zero GHG emissions.

Waste Management

We believe in “waste to wealth”. We have adapted the system of segregation & recycling since the beginning.

Renewable Energy

More than 80 percent of energy requirements are fulfilled by renewable energy in all our projects.

Featured projects

Worlds first Green Mosque

Bearys Knowledge Campus

Bearys Global Research Triangle

His Grace Corporate office

Clean city Green city

Environmental concern has always been firmly embedded in our credo and all our buildings embody green architecture and sustainable principles.