Calligraphy Seminar Promotes Cultural Unity and Heritage

Bangalore: The seminar inaugural ceremony was held the same afternoon at the auditorium at the same venue. Mr. Syed Beary, welcomed the guests and presided over the event.

The event began with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Syed Usman while Shaheena and team from Bearys Seaside School Kodi Kundapur sang the popular invocation song “Ye Malik there bandhe hum”. Mufti Sageer Ahmed, Ameer-e-Shariyat, Karnataka, Principal & Shaikul Hadees, Darul Uloom Sabeelur Rashad, made supplications for the success of the even and the initiative.

Mr. Syed Beary spoke about how Calligraphy has moved on from being only based in Arabic language and how artists today are adapted calligraphy to  most of the regional languages of India. He said “We should spread awareness of calligraphy and its significance among the general public in a bid to revive this historical art and he added by saying “ It is with this intention, that we established IIIAC and Miraj 2023 is also a part of our vision”. He ended his talk by encouraging artists to  use calligraphy as a tool to build an all inclusive and a hate-free society.

Mr.Ziaulla Sheriff, Chairman, India Builders Corporation, Bangalore, Shabeena Sultana, Consul of the Republic of Tunisia, Bangalore and Pusphamala N, Artist, Sculptor, Writer and Curator, Chiranjeevi Singh, IAS, Former Ambassador of India to UNESCO, Paris., Prof. K.C. Janardhan Artist, Sculptor, Calligraphy Maestro, Professor of Management & Penmanship, were the guests of honour.

Mr. Ziaulla Sheriff unveiled profiles of Calligraphy artists who took part in the exhibition. Mr. Chiranjeevi Singh released brochure of IIIAC. In his address, Chiranjeevi Singh shared his knowledge on the history, and traditional & cultural significance of calligraphy.

Prof. KC Janardan also spoke about how modern technology has taken away little joys of the classical arts and how the newer generations are drifting away from original calligraphy and art of writing.  He lauded Mr.  Syed Beary, and Ustad Muqtar Ahmed, for their efforts in establishing the IIIAC and promoting calligraphy.

Ms. Shabeena Sultana called on people and artists to come together and unite through the art and bring back the lost glory & enriching diversity of the country in these testing times of hate and communalism.

Ms. Pushpamala shed light on the history of scripts of various languages of the world and Ustad Muqtar Ahmed presented the vote of thanks.

Several talks, discussions and seminars were held as a part of three-day program.

The event sponsored by Bearys Group & well appreciated by all.

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