Bearys Education Meet, Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT)

Bangalore: Bearys Education Meet was held on 12th March 2022 at BGRT campus, Bangalore. The objective of the event is to motivate the faculty to deliver excellence in Teaching and to felicitate the best teachers of the Bearys Education Group.

All the Heads of Institutions were on the dais including Mr.Syed Mohamed Beary, Chairman & Managing Trustee of Bearys Education, Mr. Siddique Beary, Mr. Mazhar Beary, Mr. Rahman Beary, Member Trustees, Bearys Group of Institutions, Mr. Syed Mohammad Beary, Introduced the dignitaries to the audience. The event started at 10:00 a.m. Mr. Rajesh, Facility Manager, of Bearys Group welcomed all the participants.

The chief guest of the event was Mr.Syed Sultan Ahmed, MD & Chief Learner at LXL Ideas, Educational documentary Movie Maker and Motivational Speaker, who motivated and enthralled the audience with his inspiring address and movie.

Mr. Syed Mohamed Bearys spoke about the Journey of Bearys Education which started way back in 1906. He advised the teachers to constantly persevere. He said perseverance for continuous improvement is bound to improve the performance of the student and hence one should never be complacent or give up. He also added that with every opportunity comes responsibility, and every responsibility leads to accountability. Therefore, everyone should consciously think, act, and ask oneself what he/she has contributed for the betterment of the society.

Mr. Syed Sultan shared his view on the ways of teaching and urged the teachers to create an environment of learning and adopt the change and use modern education tools. He stated that “better the connectedness with the students better will be the learning”

Mr. Siddique Beary expounded the goals of education which should include economic growth, social justice & equality, scientific advancement, national integration & cultural preservation.

Mr. Doma Chandrasekhar spoke about developing excellence as a part of our culture & being focussed on excellence in whatever we do, be it academic exams, sports, culture, debate, project presentations, societal programs, etc. we must pursue excellence consistently.

The afternoon session began with a presentation from the head of institutions and thoughts on continuous improvement in the performance of the students. Awards were given to the excellent teachers. The day’s event ended with some recreation activity.

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