Architects N M Salim & Associates, Calicut
• Landscape Architects Master Plan, Chennai.
• Structural Consultants Mahendra Raj Consultants Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
• Legal Advisor P B Appiah, Advocates, Bangalore.
• Services Consultants Jurong Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
• Auditors & Tax Consultants Kumbhat & Co., Bangalore.
• Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board – CE(M)/SE(M)-II/TA-6/PB-4/1825/96-97, Dt.20/11/1996.
• Karnataka Electricity Board SEE/BC/AEE-1/F-31/NOC-21735-36, Dt.12/12/1996.
• Karnataka State Fire Services GBC(1)434/96-97, Dt. 20/12/1996.
• Department of Telecommunications (Microwave Survey Division) JDE/MWS/BG/S-11/Vol.IV/40/ BG-4, Dt.20/12/1996.
• Department of Telecommunications DE(S)/S6/VOL-I/96-97/67/ BG-2, Dt.02/01/1997.
• Airports Authority of India AAI-NAD/M/0-23/NOC, Dt.21/03/2003.
• Bangalore Development Authority (Building Licence & Sanction Plan) ASA/KASA-3/North/02/04-05, Dt.03/07/04.
Project is Approved by all major Home Finance Institutions for individual loan disbursement